Our Institute at TERMIS EU 2022 conference

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Several members of our Institute attended the Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine International Society (TERMIS) European Chapter Conference 2022 (TERMIS EU 2022) held in Krakow, Poland on 28.06 – 01.07.2022. Professor Aldo R. Boccaccini presented (online) the keynote talk entitled “Bioactive glass based approaches for antibacterial bone regeneration”  at the symposium “Antimicrobial biomaterials for bone regeneration”, organised by Dr. Joanna Sadowska and Prof. Fergal O’Brien. At the same symposium Marcela Arango-Ospina, PhD student, presented the oral contribution: “Bioactive Glasses with antibacterial properties for bone tissue regeneration”. Other presentations of our Institute were in the symposium “Perspectives For Future Innovation in Tendon repair (P4 FIT)”, organised by Prof. Giovanna Della Porta and Prof. Nicholas Forsyth. Francesco Iorio (PhD student) stepped in for Prof. Boccaccini to deliver the keynote presentation “Advances in bioactive materials for tendon repair”. There were poster contributions by Florencia Diaz, Francesco Iorio and Seyma Sereflioglu (PhD student). This symposium was sponsored by the H2020-MCSA-ITN-EJD-2020 project P4FIT. In addition, our academic visitor Dr. Baiyan Sui presented the talk “Membrane Camouflage Mesoporous Bioactive Glass Nanoparticles embedding Glucose Oxidase for Targeted Enhanced Tumor Therapy”.