Prof. Aldo R Boccaccini presented keynote lecture at BioMaH conference in Rome, Italy

Prof. Boccaccini standing the symposium organizers with their diplomas

Prof. Aldo R. Boccaccini presented a keynote lecture at the “3rd Conference on Biomaterials and Novel Technologies for Healthcare” (BioMaH), which was held in Rome, Italy, on 18-21 October 2022. Prof. Boccaccini was one of the presidents of the conference, together with Dr. Mauro Alini (Switzerland) and Dr. Giovanni Barbanti (Italy) while the conference was chaired by Dr. Julietta Rau (Italy). In the session devoted to bioactive glasses, chaired by Profs. Enrica Verne and Francesco Baino, Prof. Boccaccini presented the keynote lecture “Ion releasing biomaterials: overview of well-known and less common ions enhancing the biological activity and functionalities of bioactive glasses”.