Student Success

Prof. Boccaccini und Deborah Desimone e Silva

Congratulations to Deborah Desimone e Silva who recently passed her PhD oral examination at Imperial College London.
The titel of her PhD thesis is: “Fabrication and Characterisation of oxide fibre-reinforced glass matrix composites for optomechanical applications”. She was supervised by Prof. Dr. Aldo R. Boccaccini and Prof. Bill Lee (Imperial College). Deborah will join our Institute as post-doctoral researcher in April 2011.
Congratulations to Ms Fatemehsadat Pishbin, PhD student based in the Department of Materials (Imperial College London, UK), supervised by Prof. Boccaccini and Dr. M. Ryan. She won the second prize for the Best Public Speaker category of the Post-graduate Research Day.
Thisevent was held on 21st March in the Materials Department of Imperial College.
The title of her talk was: “Bioactive Orthopaedic coatings by Electrochemical Means: Development and characterisation”.