EU Project ReBioStent: meeting in London

Prof. Boccaccini beim ReBioStent Meeting in London

On 21st February Prof. A. R. Boccaccini met in London Dr. I. Roy (Univ. of Westminster), Dr. X. Zhang (Lucideon), and Dr. P. Jackson (Lucideon), who are research partners in the EU FP7 Project “Reinforced Bioresorbable Biomaterials for Therapeutic Drug Eluting Stents” (ReBioStent). This project addresses the FP7 work programme Theme on Biomaterials for Advanced Therapies and Medical Devices in the neurological/neuromuscular or cardiovascular fields. The aim of the project is to develop a resorbable cardiovascular stent that should replace current metallic stents. Our Institute is involved in the synthesis and characterisation of a range of suitable biodegradable functionalised composite materials for fabrication of stents.