Development of biodegradable arterial stents: New EU FP7 project at the Institute of Biomaterials

The Institute of Biomaterials at FAU has been awarded a research grant funded by the European Union in the FP7 program to develop biodegradable arterial stents for cardiovascular applications, as partner of a international and multidisciplinary consortium “ReBioStent” formed by academic institutions and industry. The ReBioStent project started in January 2014 and it has a duration of three years. The project aims to produce coronary artery stent prototypes based on biodegradable materials, with the ability to recover and maintain arterial shape and then gradually disappear. The consortium will develop stents, as small tubes which can be inserted to treat narrow or weak arteries. The participation of the Institute of Biomaterials under leadership of Prof. Aldo R. Boccaccini will be in the processing and characterisation of innovative biomaterials, both natural and synthetic, to produce stents with tailored properties and degradability, which should be ready for clinical trials in December 2016. The consortium involves 13 other European members, from UK, Ireland, Italy, Spain and Germany.