Collaboration with the Department of Plastic and Hand Surgery, Erlangen

Ramona Witt, Prof. Boccaccini und Ulrike Rottensteiner

In the framework of the lecture series “Current Issues in Biomaterials” at the Institute of Biomaterials, on 10th July two collaborators from the Department of Plastic and Hand Surgery (DPHS), University Hospital Erlangen (Director: Prof. R. Horch), gave presentations about their projects being conducted in collaboration with our Institute. Ms Ramona Witt presented the lecture: “Skeletal muscle Tissue Engineering” discussing results of a collaborative project involving Dr. J. Beier (DPHS), Prof. D. W. Schubert (Institute of Polymer Materials) and Dr. J. A. Roether (Institute of Polymer Materials). In addition, Ms Ulrike Rottensteiner presented the lecture “Subcutaneous implantation of alginate dialdehyde capsules in rats”. This research is part of our collaboration with DPHS, with participation of Prof. R. Horch and Dr. A. Arkudas [1], in the framework of the project TOPbiomat funded by the Emerging Fields Initiative of the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. (Click image to enlarge)

[1] Rottensteiner, U., et al., In vitro and in vivo Biocompatibility of Alginate Dialdehyde/Gelatin Hydrogels with and without Nanoscaled Bioactive Glass for Bone Tissue Engineering Applications, Materials 7 (2014) 1957-1974