Visit to our new building and facilities

Alina Grünewald und Dr. Rainer Detsch in den neuen Räumen

On 8th August 2014, Prof. Aldo R. Boccaccini, Dr. Rainer Detsch and Ms Alina Grünewald payed a visit to the new buildings of our Institute at the Erlangen Bioresearch Centre. The completion of the new construction under the direction of the State Building Authority Erlangen-Nuremberg is scheduled for August 2015. The new laboratory complex will be a fundamental component of the interdisciplinary Biotechnology campus on the 9,000 m² site in Ulrich-Schalk-Str. complementing the existing buildings at the site, which will house offices and seminar rooms for the scientific personnel. Three Institutes are going to perform research under the same roof there, namely, our Institute (the Institute of Biomaterials), the Institute of Medical Biotechnology and geoscientists of the Institute of Endogeneous Geodynamics. Laboratories for materials science and biotechnology as well as genetic engineering laboratories with safety levels S1 and S2 complete the laboratory space. (Click images to enlarge)