Professor Boccaccini: invited speaker in Stuttgart

Prof. Boccaccini

Following an invitation of Prof. S. Schmauder, chair at the Institute for Materials Testing, Materials Science and Strength of Materials (IMWF), University of Stuttgart, Prof. Boccaccini visited IMWF on 29th Jan. 2015 and presented the seminar: “Composite Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering: Progress and Challenges” in the framework of the “Colloquium Materials Modeling” at IMWF. The presentation discussed the broad field of composite porous materials for improved scaffold mechanical performance and in particular the effect of polymer phases incorporated in highly porous brittle bioactive glass scaffolds for bone tissue engineering, reviewed in a recent publication [1], a topic on which collaborations between IMWF and our Institute are planned.

[1] Toughening and functionalization of bioactive ceramic and glass bone scaffolds by biopolymer coatings and infiltration: a review of the last 5 years Expert Review of Medical Devices 12, No.1 (2015) 93-111.