PacRim 11 conference in Korea

Prof. Boccaccini is a member of the organizing committee of the Prof. Boccaccini is the co-organiser of Symposium 33: “Glasses and Ceramics for Nuclear and Hazardous Waste Treatment” together with Prof. Russell Hand, University of Sheffield, UK, at the 11th International Conference of Pacific Rim Ceramic Societies (PacRim 11) to be held in Jeju Island in Korea from Aug. 30th to Sept. 4th, 2015. This conference is the eleventh in the series of international conferences that provides a global forum for information exchange on the latest emerging ceramic technologies. Our research activities in the field of glass-ceramics from combination of problematic wastes will be presented. The research is a continuation of our previous work on composite glass-ceramics from industrial residues [1].

[1] Chinnam, R. K., Boccaccini, A. R., Bernardo, E., Epstein, H., Glass-Ceramic Composites From Borosilicate Glass and Alumina-Rich Residues, Int. J. Appl. Ceram. Technol. (2015) in press.