European Ceramic Society Conference in Toledo, Spain

Valentina-Miguez Pacheco, Preethi Balasubramanianund Prof. Boccaccini

Prof. Aldo R. Boccaccini and PhD students Preethi Balasubramanian and Valentina-Miguez Pacheco (pictured) attended the 14th International Conference of the European Ceramic Society (ECERS 2015) held in Toledo, Spain, on 21-25 June 2015. Prof. Boccaccini served in the organizing committee of TOPIC 3: “Ceramics and glasses for healthcare” (coordinated by Prof. J. Chevalier, INSA Lyon, France). Prof. Boccaccini co-chaired the session dedicated to glasses and glass-ceramics for health care. Preethi Balasubramanian and Valentina Miguez-Pacheco gave oral contributions presenting results of her projects which are being carried out in the framework of EU ITN project “BIOBONE”.