New Journal BIOMEDICAL GLASSES: Inaugural Volume

The first series of papers belonging to the inaugural volume (Vol. 1, 2015) of the Open Access-Only journal BIOMEDICAL GLASSES has been published. The inaugural volume will contain 20x papers and it is expected to be published in full before the end of the year. The editor in chief of Biomedical Glasses is Prof. Aldo R. Boccaccini. The journal published by De Gruyter Open covers the broad field of glasses for biomedical applications providing a peer-reviewed forum for the publication of original research reports and authoritative review articles related to the development of biomedical glasses and their use in clinical applications. Biomedical Glasses is thus the only peer-reviewed journal entirely focused on biomedical glasses. The first paper published in the journal is “Opening paper 2015- Some comments on Bioglass: Four Eras of Discovery and Development”, which is an invited manuscript written by the inventor of bioactive glass, Prof. Larry L. Hench, representing the most authoritative account of the developments in the science, technology and applications in the field of bioactive glasses since the invention of bioglass in the late 1960s. An interview with Prof. Larry Hench marking the publication of the first papers of the journal has been recently published.
The list of papers published to date and free to download is:

Opening paper 2015- Some comments on Bioglass: Four Eras of Discovery and Development
Larry L. Hench

Influence of textural properties on biomineralization behavior of mesoporous bioactive glasses
Kumar, Anil / Murugavel, Sevi

Trabecular coating on curved alumina substrates using a novel bioactive and strong glass-ceramic
Baino, Francesco / Vitale-Brovarone, Chiara

Core/Clad Phosphate Glass Fibres Containing Iron and/or Titanium
Ahmed, Ifty / Shaharuddin, S. S. / Sharmin, N. / Furniss, D. / Rudd, C.

Bioactivity of toothpaste containing bioactive glass in remineralizing media: effect of fluoride release from the enzymatic cleavage of monofluorophosphate.
Maçon, Anthony L. B. / Valliant, Esther M. / Earl, Jonathan S. / Jones, Julian R.

Zinc-containing bioactive glasses for bone regeneration, dental and orthopedic applications
Balasubramanian, Preethi / Strobel, Leonie A. / Kneser, Ulrich / Boccaccini, Aldo R.

The journal is continuously receiving submissions of manuscripts in the field of biomedical glasses, both reporting new research results and also authoritative reviews. Authors willing to submit papers to Biomedical Glasses should use the online platform of the journal.