Special issue “GLaCERCo” published in Advances in Applied Ceramics

The Special Issue “GlaCERCo: “Glass and Ceramic Composites for High Technology Applications – Marie Curie Initial Training Network” has been published in the journal Advances in Applied Ceramics vol. 114 (2015) issue S1. The special issue was co-edited by Aldo R. Boccaccini (Institute of Biomaterials, FAU), Monica Ferraris (Polytechnic of Turin, Italy), Michael J. Reece (Queen Mary University of London, UK) and Milena Salvo (Polytechnic of Turin, Italy). The GlaCERCo project, an ITN Marie Curie training network funded by the EC from 2011 to 2015, developed advanced knowledge in glasses, ceramics and composites. Seventeen early stage researchers and six experienced researchers were trained within this innovative training programme.
This special issue of Advances in Applied Ceramics includes eleven invited papers, published in OPEN ACCESS mode, which reflect the broad range of research activities conducted within the framework of GlaCERCo. In particular, the following papers were co-authored by researchers of our Institute in collaboration with different GLaCERCo partners:

Processing of porous glass ceramics from highly crystallisable industrial wastes R. K. Chinnam, et al, pp. S11–S16

Waste derived glass ceramic composites prepared by low temperature sintering/sinter-crystallisation I. Ponsot, et al., pp. S17–S25

Structure optimisation and biological evaluation of bone scaffolds prepared by co-sintering of silicate and phosphate glasses G. Novajra, et al., pp. S48–S55

Characterisation of Bioglass based foams developed via replication of natural marine sponges E. Boccardi, et al., pp. S56–S62

Effect of hybrid polymer coating of Bioglass® foams on mechanical response during tensile loading L. Bertolla, et al., pp. S63–S69