Annual Meeting of the German Society for Biomaterials in Freiburg

Prof. Boccaccini, Svenja Heise und Dr. Detsch

The annual conference of the German Society for Biomaterials (DGBM) was held on 11-14 November 2015 in Freiburg. The chairman was Prof. Anke Bernstein (University Hospital Freiburg). Results of our projects on biofabrication applied to cancer research were presented by Dr. R. Detsch in the session on “Rapid Prototyping”. Our research on bioactive coatings on Mg alloys was presented by Ms Svenja Heise (PhD student) (pictured with Prof. Boccaccini and Dr. Detsch). Prof. Boccaccini was chairman of the session “Biocompatibility: Scaffolds for tissue replacement”. (Click images to enlarge)