PhD Success in Lyon

Erfolgreiche Doktorarbeit

Ms Marta Gallo successfully defended her doctoral thesis entitled: “In vitro degradation of calcium phosphate bone substitutes: coupled monitoring of the evolution of mechanical, microstructural and physico-chemical properties of DCPD and b-TCP samples ” on 26th November 2015. She carried out her project at INSA Lyon, Laboratory of Materials Science (MATEIS) under supervision of Prof. Jerome Chevalier and co-supervision of Dr. Solene Tadier and Dr. Sylvain Meille. The research project was part of the ITN EU Marie Curie Network BioBONE. Marta conducted part of her experimental work, particularly the cell biology investigation, at the Institute of Biomaterials at FAU under supervision of Dr. R. Detsch and Prof. A. R. Boccaccini (pictured with Marta Gallo and Prof. J. Chevalier). (Click image to enlarge)