Visit from Prof. M. Gelinsky (Dresden)

Prof. M. Gelinsky mit Prof. Boccaccini Dr. Rainer Detsch

Prof. M. Gelinsky, Head of the Centre for Translational Bone, Joint and Soft Tissue Research, Technical University Dresden, and Dr. Anja Lode, senior scientists at the Centre, visited the Erlangen Institute of Biomaterials on 19th Jan. 2016. Prof. Gelinsky presented the lecture: “In situ tissue engineering: combining biomimetic scaffolds with autologous growth factor cocktails for accelerated bone defect healing”, in the framework of the Biomaterials Seminar Series of our Institute.
In the pictures, Prof. M. Gelinsky, Dr. A. Lode, Dr. R. Detsch (Institute of Biomaterials) and Prof. Aldo R. Boccaccini. (Click images to enlarge)