Visit from Imperial College London: Prof. Milo Shaffer

Prof. Boccaccini mit Prof. Milo Shaffer

Professor Milo Shaffer, co-director of the London Centre for Nanotechnology (LCN) and Professor of Materials Chemistry at both the Department of Chemistry and the Department of Materials of Imperial College London, UK, visited the Institute of Biomaterials on 2-3 February 2016. He presented the lecture: “Versatile and scalable approaches to chemical processing of nanocarbons” in the framework of the Materials Science Colloquium at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering of our University. Prof. Shaffer visited also the Chair of Organic Chemistry II (Head: Prof. Andreas Hirsch), and the Joint Institute of Advanced Materials and Processes (ZMP), hosted by the Collaborative Research Centre SFB 953: “Synthetic Carbon Allotropes” (Dr. Frank Hauke). Our Institute has a long history of research collaboration with Prof. Shaffer and his group, which has continued in the framework of the visiting professorship of Prof. Boccaccini at the Department of Materials of Imperial College London. One area of research collaboration is on the electrophoretic deposition of nanomaterials [1]. (Click images to enlarge)

[1] Diba, M., et al., Quantitative evaluation of electrophoretic deposition kinetics of graphene oxide, Carbon 67 (2014) 656–661.