European project HyMedPoly meeting and Workshop in London


The progress meeting of the H2020-MSCA-ITN project “Drug-free antibacterial hybrid biopolymers for medical applications” (HyMedPoly), organised by Prof. Ipsita Roy, University of Westminster, London, UK, (pictured with Prof. Boccaccini) was held on 18-20 July 2016 in London. The PhD students of the FAU Institute of Biomaterials involved in this project, Agata Lapa, Seray Kaya, Muhammad Maqbool, Binh Phan and Lukas Gritsch, pictured with Prof. Boccaccini, attended the meeting. Prof. Aldo R. Boccaccini was also an invited speaker at the Workshop “Biomaterials in Medicine : New concepts of drug-free antibacterial therapies”, which was held at New Cavendish Campus, University of Westminster, London, UK, in the framework of the HyMedPoly project meeting. Prof. Boccaccini presented the lecture: “Biologically active ions in biomedicine, including antibacterial applications”.
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