“Jung DGM Erlangen-Nuremberg” organized Materials Science Colloquium

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Motivated by Prof. Aldo R. Boccaccini (Head, Institute of Biomaterials), the Erlangen branch of the Young Members Section of the German Materials Society (DGM) (“Jung-DGM Erlangen-Nuremberg”) was founded in November 2016. The current speaker of the Jung-DGM Erlangen-Nuremberg is Ms Svenja Heise (Institute of Biomaterials). In addition to organizing frequently “Stammtisch”-Meetings for its members, last Tuesday 24th January the Jung-DGM Erlangen-Nuremberg presented the 10th lecture of the Materials Science Colloquium (WW-Kolloquium) in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at FAU. Dr. Achim Kuhn, former FAU student of materials science, now at Wieland Werke AG, was invited and he gave a talk about recent developments on copper-based functional materials and provided insights into industrial research. After the presentations the audience had the possibility to ask questions and discuss with the presenter while enjoying “Beer and Pretzls”, sponsored by the DGM. The colloquium was actively attended and was met with great approval by undergraduate students, PhD students and research staff of the Department. it is planned that the Jung-DGM Erlangen-Nuremberg will continue organizing invited presentations as part of the Materials Science Colloquium each academic term. In the pictures the current leaders of Jung DGM Erlangen-Nuremberg with Dr. Kuhn and the audience. Students and young researchers at FAU willing to join the Jung-DGM Erlangen-Nuremberg should contact: erlangen-nuernberg@jungedgm.de or the Facebook page