Annual meeting of the German Ceramic Society in Berlin

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Prof. Aldo R. Boccaccini was co-organizer of the symposium “Bioceramics and Biocomposites” at the 92th Annual Meeting of the German Ceramic Society (DKG) held in Berlin, Germany, on 19-22 March 2017, together with Dr. Franziska Schmidt (Department of Ceramic Materials, TU Berlin). Professor Boccaccini co-chaired the sessions and presented the oral contribution “Bioactive glass-based composite scaffolds with polymer coatings for bone tissue engineering and drug delivery”. Barbara Myska and Nicoletta Toniolo, PhD students of our Institute, presented the poster “Development and characterisation of amorphous calcium carbonate for biomedical applications” and the oral presentation “Geopolymers incorporating silicate waste”, respectively. In the photos, Prof. Boccaccini with Dr. F. Schmidt, Prof. Antonio Salinas (UCM Madrid, keynote speaker), Ms Barbara Myska and Ms Nicoletta Toniolo (both FAU), Dr. Guido Falk (University of Saarland and DKG), and Prof. Aleksander Gurlo (TU Berlin and Chairman of the conference).