“Syntactic and Composite Foams V” Conference in Italy

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The 5th International Conference on Syntactic and Composite Foams was held in Siracusa, Italy, on March 26-31, 2017. Prof. Boccaccini acted as Co-Chair of the conference, which was sponsored by Engineering Conferences International (ECI). Dr. Liliana Liverani and Mr Lukas Gritsch (PhD student) attended the conference representing our Institute. Dr. Liverani presented the talks: “Keynote: Composite foams as tissue scaffolds: past, present and future”, and “Proteins as coating materials on bioactive glass-based composite foams”. Lukas Gritsch’s poster presentation was: “Antimicrobial chitosan foams as tissue engineering scaffolds”. In the picture Dr. Manabu Fukushima (Japan) (Co-Chair), Dr. Gary M. Gladysz (USA) (Chair), Prof. Krish Chawla (USA) (Co-Chair), Dr. Liliana Liverani (FAU), Lukas Gritsch (FAU).