Visit and seminar of Dr. Gary M. Gladysz

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On 3rd April 2017 we received the visit of Dr. Gary Gladysz, Empyreus Solutions, LLC, USA. Prof. Boccaccini has collaborated with Dr. Gladysz since 2004 in the organization of the international conferences on “Syntactic and Composite Foams”, a series of conferences supported by Engineering Conferences International (ECI). The latest conference of the series “Syntactic and Composites Foams V” was held on March 26-31, 2017, in Siracusa, Italy. During his visit to our Institute, Dr. Gladysz presented the seminar: “Voids in materials: Building functionality”, in which he discussed also details of his book: “Voids in Materials – From Unavoidable Defects to Designed Cellular Materials”, written in collaboration with Prof. Krish Chawla (University of Alabama, Birmingham, USA).