Prof. Andres Lasagni (TU Dresden) visits the Institute of Biomaterials

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Prof. Andres F. Lasagni, affiliated with TU Dresden, Institute of Manufacturing Science and Engineering, and Fraunhofer Institute for Material and Beam Technology IWS Dresden, visited the Institute of Biomaterials on 4th July 2017. He presented the lecture “Direct Laser Interference Patterning: from fundamentals to industrial applications” at the Materials Science Colloquium of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering of FAU. We are collaborating with Prof. Lasagni in the field of bioactive coatings on structured metallic surfaces. Prof. Lasagni and Prof. Boccaccini are also collaborating with the organization of the Materials Science and Engineering (MSE 2018) congress, organised by the German Materials Society (DGM), to be held in Darmstadt on 25-27 September 2018. Prof. Boccaccini is member of the MSE scientific committee and Prof. Lasagni is symposiim co-organiser. The partner country of MSE2018 is Argentina, both Profs. Lasagni and Boccaccini were born in Argentina.