Annual Meeting of the German Biomaterials Society in Würzburg

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Our Institute was prominently represented at the Annual Meeting of the German Biomaterials Society (DGBM) held in Würzburg on 9-11 November 2017. Prof. Boccaccini presented the lecture “Bioactive glasses as ideal biomaterial vehicles for biologically active ion release in tissue engineering and wound healing applications” in the special session “Glass – An Innovative Biomaterial”, which he chaired with Dr. M. Kilo (Fraunhofer ISC, Würzburg). Prof. Boccaccini highlighted that this was the first session dedicated exclusively to bioactive glasses in the history of the DGBM. Prof. Boccaccini also chaired the session “New Strategies in Biomaterials I” together with Prof. U. Gbureck (University of Würzburg). Dr. Rainer Detsch and Dr. Aldo Leal-Egana presented the following oral contributions: “Electrical conductive hydrogel bioink composed of Alginate di-aldehyde gelatin (ADA-GEL) and Polypyrrole (PPy)” and “Determining the metastatic potential of cancer cells in vitro: the relevance of performing dynamic single-cell analysis on soft patterned hydrogels “, respectively. The following PhD students attended and presented Posters: Vera Bednarzig, Francesca Ciraldo, Qaisar Nawaz, Lena Vogt and Dirk Dippold (doctoral student based at the FAU Institute of Polymer Materials). Dr. Raminder Singh from Nanomedicin, University Hospital Erlangen, who is collaborating with our Institute in the field of magnetic cell seeding techniques, also presented a poster contribution (pictured with Prof. A. R. Boccaccini).