Annual Meeting of the German Ceramic Society (DKG) in Munich

Prof. Boccaccini als Chairman am Rednerpult

Our Institute was well represented at the 93rd Annual Meeting of the German Ceramic Society (DKG) and Symposium on High-Performance Ceramics 2018, held in Munich, Germany, on 10-13 April, 2018. Prof. Boccaccini was the organizer of the symposium “Ceramics for Environment and Health” of which he was also the session’s chair. In this session, he gave two oral presentations entitled: “Release of therapeutic ions from mesoporous bioactive glass nanomatrices for bone regeneration and wound healing”, based on EU project MOZART, and “Interfacial interaction of calcium carbonate in the context of biomedical applications”, based on the project of Ms Barbara Myska (NanoHeal). The following poster contributions were presented:

J. Hum et al., “Steel industry slag valorization as raw material asset for insulating refractories”, from project EU RESLAG

M. C. Molano-Camargo, et al., “Study of fly ash-based geopolymers reinforced with natural fibers as sustainable composites”, supported by COLCIENCIAS, Colombia

N. Toniolo, et al., “Extensive reuse of soda-lime waste glass in fly ash-based geopolymers”, from EU project CoACH

Prof. Boccaccini is pictured with Prof. Sanjay Mathur, University of Cologne, Germany, (plenary speaker), and Prof. Anna Tampieri, National Research Council of Italy, (keynote speaker in the “Ceramics for Environmental and Health” session).