Prof. Boccaccini attended German Materials Society (DGM) Board meeting

Die Gruppe des DGM Meetings in BErlin 2018

On 26th April 2018 Prof. Boccaccini attended the German Materials Society (DGM) Board meeting, held in Berlin. He presented the latest developments of FEMS (Federation of European Materials Societies). Prof. Boccaccini is a member of the Executive Committee of FEMS, where he represents the DGM. Prof. Boccaccini met also Prof. Frank Mücklich, University of Saarland (pictured), chair of the scientific committee of the MSE 2018 conference, to be held in Darmstadt on 26-28 September, 2018. Prof. Boccaccini leads the organizing committee coordinating the participation of Argentina as guest country at MSE 2018 in collaboration with the SAM (Sociedad Argentina de Materiales). (Group photo: courtesy DGM)