Special Issue: “Vitrification and Geopolymerization of Industrial Wastes”, published in Materials Letters

Materials letters

The Special Issue: “Vitrification and Geopolymerization of Industrial Wastes”, which was guest edited by Prof. Aldo R. Boccaccini in collaboration with Prof. Jesus M. Rincon (Dept. of Geology, CSIC-MNCN, Madrid, Spain) and Prof. Manuel Jordan (Dept. of Environmental and Agrochemistry Sciences, UMH, Elche, Alicante, Spain), _has been published in Materials Letters. This special collection contains 35 refereed papers from the international community and is the response to a broad Open Call for papers published in 2017, which attracted contributions from more than 15 countries. The scope has been to include papers related to two key technologies for the development and characterisation of new materials from industrial waste, on one hand glasses/glass-ceramics (vitrification) and on the other hand geopolymers (alkali activation) from wastes, in both cases developing the fundamental science and technologies to achieve the inertization or safe encapsulation of wastes in inorganic matrices. A paper from our group, resulting from the PhD thesis of Dr Nicoletta Toniolo was published (Open Access more) in this special issue [1].

[1] Toniolo, N., et al., Novel geopolymers incorporating red mud and waste glass cullet, Mater. Letters 219 (2018) 152-154.