Prof. Boccaccini attends scientific seminar of Dr. Sukhdeep Singh (Habilitation) at Ilmenau University of Technology

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On 27th August 2019, Prof. Aldo R. Boccaccini was at Ilmenau University of Technology (TU Ilmenau), Ilmenau, Germany, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, where he attended the scientific presentation of Dr. Sukhdeep Singh entitled “Chemical toolbox for designing small bioactive molecules and fragments in search of tunable bioactive surfaces”, which was given in the framework of his “Habilitation” procedure. In the picture, Prof. Boccaccini, Dr. Sukhdeep Singh and Prof. Andreas Schober, Department of Nano-biosystem Technology TU Ilmenau. We plan future collaboration with Dr. Singh and Prof. Schober in the field of biochemical functionalization of engineered biomaterials. Prof. Boccaccini was a research lecturer at TU Ilmenau, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, in the period 1997-2000 and received his “Habilitation” in Materials Technology at TU Ilmenau (mentor: Prof. Heinrich Kern) in 2001.