Visit from Thessaloniki

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In the framework of the DAAD PPP funded project “Biodegradable osteoinductive scaffolds based on new functionalised polyesters, calcium silicate bioceramics and mesoporous nanocarriers, for bone tissue engineering”, in collaboration with the School of Dentistry, the Department of Physics and the Department of Chemistry of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki,  we received the visit of Prof. Eleana Kontonasaki, Prof. Anna Theocharidou, Dr. Anastasia Beketova and Ms Georgia Pouroutzidou (PhD student). On 16th September Prof. Eleana Kontonasaki, principal investigator, presented a talk entitled “Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Aspects in Dental Science”. In the following days meetings and experimental activities in the labs were carried out. The project involves exchanges of senior and young researchers between the participating institutions. Members of the Institute of Biomaterials will travel to Thessaloniki before the end of the year.