Meeting of the Programme Comittee of CERAMICS 2020 conference

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The meeting of the Programme Committee of the CERAMICS 2020  conference took place in Offenbach on 11th December 2019. CERAMICS 2020, the 95th Annual Meeting of the German Ceramic Society (DKG) will be held in Jülich, Germany, on 14-18 March 2020, chaired by Prof. Olivier Guillon (Jülich Research Centre). Prof. Boccaccini chairs the Topic “Ceramics for Healthcare”, organised in collaboration with Prof. Kurosch Rezwan (University of Bremen) and Prof. Anne Leriche (University Valenciennes, France). Prof. Boccaccini said: “This will be a great DKG annual meeting including all relevant areas of ceramic science, technology and applications, and I look forward to it. In our Topic “Ceramics for Healthcare”, we will have a very strong list of presentations, with keynote and invited speakers from Switzerland, France, Belgium, UK, Germany and the Netherlands, including Prof. Marc Bohner, Prof. Pamela Habibovic, Prof. Helen Reveron and Prof. Heidi Declercq, covering all aspects of the applications of bioceramics in medicine”. In the photo, Programme Committee members: Prof. Wolfgang Schilling (Selb), Prof. Walter Krenkel (Bayreuth), Prof. Olivier Guillon (Jülich), PD Dr. Guido Falk (Saarbrücken), Prof. Christoph Broeckmann (Aachen) and Prof. Aldo R. Boccaccini.