Visit from UK

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On 6th February we received the visit of Dr. Liliang Ouyang , post-doctoral research associate in the Stevens Group, Department of Materials,  Imperial College London. Previously, Dr. Liliang Ouyang presented the _invited lecture: “Extrusion-based Bioprinting of Photo-crosslinkable Bioinks“ in the framework of the International Seminar Series 2020 of the Collaborative Research Centre TRR 225/SFB “From the fundamentals of biofabrication towards functional tissue models”. Dr Ouyang’s research interest are: 3D bioprinting and engineering bioactive tissue-like constructs and relate to our projects on biofabrication in the context of the project TRR 225. In the photo Dr. Liliang Ouyang, Dr. Kai Zheng and Prof. Aldo R. Boccaccini.