Special Issue: “50 Years of Bioactive Glasses” published in the journal “Biomedical Glasses”

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The Special Issue “50 Years of Bioactive Glasses” has been published in the journal Biomedical Glasses. Guest editors of this special issue were Prof. Julian Jones (UK), Prof. Francesco Baino (Italy), Prof. Aldo R. Boccaccini (Germany). This special issue includes a collection of papers written by members of the bioactive glass research community on a great variety of topics related to the development, properties and applications of bioactive glasses. The collection includes a review paper by Dr. David Greenspan (USA), who summarizes the early development of bioactive glasses and highlights the legacy of Prof. Hench in the biomaterials field. Another review paper, by the group of Prof. Edgar Zanotto (Brazil), covers the emerging field of bioactive magnetic glass-ceramics for cancer treatment. The special volume includes also several papers featuring the growing field of bioactive glasses incorporating biologically active ions for a variety of applications. The studies cover fundamental investigations on the structure, crystallization behavior, thermal properties, biocompatibility, bioactivity, dissolution kinetics and biodegradability of bioactive glasses of silicate, phosphate and borate compositions. All papers have been published in Open Access mode and they can be downloaded for free. Prof. Boccaccini, Editor-in-Chief of Biomedical Glasses said: “We certainly hope that this Special Issue will be an important source of information for the bioactive glass community, and it will be recognized as a valuable publication to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of bioactive glass and the legacy of Prof. Larry Hench”. In the photo, Prof. Boccaccini and Prof. Julian Jones during a recent meeting in front of the commemorative plaque in the memory of Prof. Larry Hench, at the Department of Materials, Imperial College London, UK.