Farewell to Prof. Helga Hornberger

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We do not say “good bye” we only say “hopefully see you soon !” to Professor Helga Hornberger, who, due to her multiple teaching and research activities at Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule Regensburg (OTH Regensburg) will not be able to continue teaching in our “Dental Materials” course, which she has actively done for more than 7 years. Prior to her academic appointment at OTH, where she leads the Biomaterials Laboratory, Prof. Hornberger was a senior research associate in our Institute from 2010 until April 2012. Prof. Boccaccini said: “we are very grateful to all the support Helga has given to our Institute over the years, both in research and teaching activities. In fact our research on protective coatings on Mg alloys for biomedical applications was initiated by Helga, who established a strong link with our colleague Prof. Sanna Virtanen to start a very active research activity in this field, which we maintain until today. Even after taking her professorship at OTH Regensburg, Helga continued supporting the teaching in our Institute as visiting lecturer. I am sure this is not a simple “good bye” as I hope we will find new ways to collaborate with Helga and her research group at OTH Regensburg.”

Our review paper on “Biomedical coatings on magnesium alloys – a review” written with Prof. Helga Hornberger and Prof. Sanna Virtanen is a highly cited paper in the journal “Acta Biomaterialia” [1].

[1] H. Hornberger et al., Biomedical coatings on magnesium alloys – A review, Acta Biomater. 8 (2012) 2442-2455.