End of the Year Meeting at the Institute of Biomaterials

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The end-of-the-year meeting at the Institute of Biomaterials took place online on 17th December 2020. Professor Boccaccini summarized the accomplishments of our Institute in the year 2020, including 3 doctoral (Dr.-Ing.) theses. More than 70 Master, Bachelor and Project students carried out their projects in out Institute. Despite the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 20 international visitors, including Erasmus exchange students and academic visitors from 10 countries chose our Institute for carrying out their projects. We gave numerous online presentations at conferences, many of them invited or keynote presentations. Our publication activity was excellent, members of the Institute published more than 80 papers in scientific journals during 2020. In his presentation, Prof. Boccaccini congratulated everyone in our Institute for the excellent achievements despite the numerous limitations imposed by the pandemic and thanked specially all Institute’s members, including students, for keeping consistently a high standard of safety following the corona hygiene measures.