Prof. Chiara E. Ghezzi (University of Massachusetts Lowell, USA): invited speaker at Institute of Biomaterials

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On 25th March 2021, Prof. Chiara E. Ghezzi,  Department of Biomedical Engineering, University of Massachusetts Lowell, USA, presented the invited seminar at the Institute of Biomaterials, entitled: “Advanced systems for corneal tissue engineering”. More than 70 members of our Institute and collaboratores at FunGlass Centre, Trencin University, Slovakia, attended the online seminar. We are currently planning to restart our research collaboration with Prof. Gezzhi, following our previous joint research activities [1].

[1] B. Marelli, et al., Accelerated mineralization of dense collagen-nano bioactive glass hybrid gels increases scaffold stiffness and regulates osteoblastic function, Biomaterials 32 (2011) 8915-8926.