Prof. Bruno Henriques visits the Institute of Biomaterials

Profs. Boccaccini and Henriques next to the Institute sign

Prof. Bruno Henriques, PhD, associated with the Mechanical Engineering Department, the Postgraduate Program in Mechanical Engineering, the Postgraduate Program in Materials Science and Engineering, the Postgraduate Program in Dentistry, and the Ceramic & Composite Materials Research Laboratories (CERMAT) at Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), Brazil, visited the Institute of Biomaterials on 26-27 August 2022. We have a long running collaboration with Dr. Henriques and his colleagues (see [1] for example), which has been expanded during his research stay in Germany with an Alexander von Humboldt fellowship in the last 1.5 years. Dr. Henriques has been based recently at the Chair of Large Area Laser Based Surface Structuring (Head: Prof. Andrés Lasagni), TU Dresden, carrying out research in collaboration with our Institute on microstructured surfaces of biomaterials using laser technology.

[1] Paula F. Gouveia, et al., In-vitro mechanical and biological evaluation of novel zirconia reinforced bioglass scaffolds for bone repair, J. Mech. Behavior Biomedical Mater. 114 (2021) 104164.