Prof. Boccaccini delivered invited talk at Royce Institute / University of Manchester

Prof. Boccaccini with Prof. Blaker and Prof. Derby outside the university.

On 4th April 2022, Prof. Aldo R. Boccaccini visited  the Henry Royce Institute at The University of Manchester, United Kingdom. He was hosted by Dr. Jonny Blaker, Research Area Lead for Biomedical Materials at Henry Royce Institute, and Senior Lecturer in Biomaterials at The University of Manchester. Prof. Boccaccini presented the lecture: “Bioactive glasses as multifunctional biomaterials for tissue engineering and biofabrication” providing a summary of the research activities being carried out at the FAU Institute of Biomaterials. After touring the top class facilities at Royce Institute, Prof. Boccaccini and Dr. Blaker further discussed areas for collaborative work between their groups, specially in the field of bioactive fibrous materials. We have collaborated previously extensively with Dr. Blaker (e.g. ref. [1]) as he was the first PhD student of Prof. Boccaccini back at Imperial College London in the early 2000s. Prof. Boccaccini pictured with Dr. Jonny Blaker and Prof. Brian Derby from Royce Institute.

[1] JJ Blaker, et al., Development and characterisation of silver-doped bioactive glass-coated sutures for tissue engineering and wound healing applications, Biomaterials 25 (2004), 1319-1329.