Collaboration with the Biology Department in the framework of CRC 1540 “Exploring Brain Mechanics”

Prof. Boccaccini standing in the lab with the other members of the project.

In the framework of the DFG funded Collaborative Research Centre CRC /SBF 1540 “Exploring Brain Mechanics (EBM) we have established a very effective collaboration with Dr. Renato Frischknecht, Department Biology, Chair of Animal Physiology (Prof. Dr. Brandstätter). Our collaboration with Dr. Frischknecht’s team involves the investigation of the behavior of primary neurons encapsulated in hyaluronic acid based hydrogels being developed in project X03. In the pictures: Sonja Kuth, Markus Lorke (PhD students, Biomaterials), Bartomeu Perelló Amorós (PhD student, Biology), Dr. Frischknecht and Prof. Boccaccini when visiting Dr. Frischknecht’s lab.