Delegation of Department of Science Service, Thailand, visited the Institute of Biomaterials

Prof. Boccaccini standing with the Thai visitors and Miss Pantulap

On 16th February 2023 we welcomed a delegation from Department of Science Service (DSS), Ministry of Science and Technology, Bangkok, Thailand, including Mrs. Pochaman Tagheen, DSS Deputy director general, Mrs. Orasa Onjun, Director of division of chemical & consumer products, Mr. Kanit Tapasa, Director of division of engineering materials, Mrs. Wannee Aupaiboon,  Director of food products and food contact materials, Mr. Amornpon Changsuphan, Chief of green innovation group, Mr. Ekarat Meechoowas, Chief of medical materials and equipment group, Mrs. Acharawan Wattanahuttakum, Scientist, Senior Professional level.
The purpose of the visit was to discuss collaboration with our Institute in the field of biomedical materials, including bioactive glasses. Currently, Ms Usanee Pantulap, a staff member of DSS, is carrying our her doctoral studies in our Institute. After a seminar in the morning in which the research activities of both institutions were presented, with the participation also of Dr. Judith A. Roether, Institute of Polymer Materials, and Prof. Sanna Virtanen, Institute of Surface and Corrosion, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, FAU, The visitors visited also our laboratories. In particular they visited our laboratories in US Stree, with focuse on 3D bioprinting facilities where they were met by Dr. Rainer Detsch who presented an overview of our research activities in the field of 3D bioprinting. We look forward to expanding collaborations with DDS colleagues.