Training workshop in Riga, Latvia, in the framework of the Baltic Biomaterials Centre of Excellence

Faina, Jonas and Zhiyan standing with the BBCE members.

On 26-29 June 2023 PhD students Faina Bider, Zhiyan Xu and Jonas Roeder travelled to Riga, Latvia, to develop the in site training workshop on Advanced Drug Delivery & Drug Targeting as part of your on-going collaboration with the EU funded Baltic Biomaterials Centre of Excellence (BBCE). The workshop started with the talks of the PhD students from Erlangen to provide information about hydrogels and drug delivery in general. The experimental part of the workshop included production of icariin and albumin loaded capsules for model drug release measurements. Moreover, the exchange of knowledge, interests and potential cooperation were discussed with the 17 participants from Riga (BBCE) in detail.