Prof. Dachamir Hotza, Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), Brazil, visits the Institute of Biomaterials

Prof. Boccaccini standing with Marcela and the guests from Santa Catarina.

On 17-25 July 2023 we received the visit of Prof. Dachamir Hotza, from the Chemical Engineering Department, Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), coordinator from the Brazilian side of our collaborative project “Ph.D. with Double Degree UFSC-FAU”, which is funded by the Research Foundation of Santa Catarina (FAPESC) with the support of the Office of Doctoral Affairs, and the Institute of Biomaterials at FAU, under the coordination of Prof. Aldo Boccaccini. At UFSC, the project is led by the Graduate Program in Chemical Engineering (PosENQ), with the participation of the Graduate Program in Materials Science and Engineering (PGMAT). Currently we also collaborate with Prof. Hotza and a team of Brazilian researchers in the framework of the CAPES/DAAD PROBRAL bilateral project entitled “Advanced Manufacturing of Multifunctional Scaffolds: Synthesis, Processing, and Biological Evaluation”. Prof. Hotza delivered the invited presentation: “Sustainable Ceramics Processing”, he visited the laboratories of the Institute of Biomaterials, and he met the current PhD students from UFSC carrying out their PhD projects in our Institute as part of the co-supervision agreement FAU-UFSC: Ms Clara Dourado Fernandes and Ms Isabela Karina Della Flora. Also specific tasks of the bilateral project on multifunctional scaffolds were discussed with Marcela Arango (PhD student at the Institute of Biomaterials) and Prof. Boccaccini, in preparation of the visit of FAU researchers to UFSC later this year.