Prof. Boccaccini presented invited talk at “Research Day” of the FAU Research Center “New Bioactive Compounds” (NeW)

Prof. Boccaccini standing in front of the first slide of his presentation on bioactive glass.

On 1st February, Prof. Aldo R. Boccaccini presented an invited talk at the “Research Day” of the FAU Research Center “New Bioactive Compounds” (FAU NeW) at the Faculty of Sciences, FAU. Prof. Boccaccini, NeW member, presented the talk: “Bioactive Materials for Drug Delivery and Tissue Engineering: Progress and Challenges”. Besides interdisciplinary scientific collaboration, FAU NeW aims to closely coordinate the interdisciplinary teaching in the FAU educational programs Pharmacy, Food chemistry, Molecular science and Molecular medicine. It will also boost the international visibility of research and teaching in the field of new bioactive compounds at FAU. In the picture Prof. Boccaccini with Prof. Monika Pischetsrieder (Chair of Food Chemistry) and Prof. Dagmar Fischer (Chair of Pharmaceutics), members of the FAU NeW Steering Committee.