Prof. Aldo R. Boccaccini invited speaker at Additive Manufacturing for Health Workshop in Nantes, France

Prof. Boccaccini standing next to other invited speakers.

The 2nd edition of the Additive Manufacturing for Health (AMH) Workshop took place in Nantes, France, on  20-22 March 2024, organised by Prof. Catherine Le Visage (Nantes University) and Dr. Luciano Vidal (École Centrale Nantes / Clinique Bretéché-Elsan) (pictured with Prof. Boccaccini). Prof. Aldo R. Boccaccini was one of the invited speakers and he presented the lecture: “Composite hydrogels containing bioactive glass for 3D bioprinting” showcasing the latest results obtained in our laboratory in the field of alginate based bioinks incorporating bioreactive (ion releasing) particles. In the pictures also invited speakers Prof. Juergen Groll (Univ. of Würzburg, DE) and Prof. Malgorzata Wlodarczyk-Biegun (University of Groningen, NL).