Visit from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Besuch von Prof. D. Bikiaris, E. Pavlidou und C. Chrissafis. Im Bild mit Dr. Will und Prof. Boccaccini

In the framework of our DAAD funded collaborative project with the Chemistry Department, Laboratory of Polymer Chemistry and Technology, Aristotle University Thessaloniki (Greece) on “Novel bionanocomposites for bone tissue engineering“, Profs. D. Bikiaris, E. Pavlidou and C. Chrissafis visited the Institute of Biomaterials on 2-4 May 2012. The research collaboration involves exchange of senior and young researchers between Erlangen and Thessalonikki during the 2 year project, investigating the processing, bioactivity and bone cell response of a new family of bionanocomposites.

In the image (left to right): Dr. Julia Will (Erlangen), Prof. E. Pavlidou (Thessaloniki), Prof. Aldo R. Boccaccini (Erlangen), Prof. D. Bikiaris (Thessaloniki) and Prof. C. Chrissafis (Thessaloniki).