First collaboration with the Erlangen Dental School

Herr Stefan Kreppel mit Prof. Boccaccini und Prof. Lohbauer

The Diploma-thesis of Mr S. Kreppel on “Influence of bioactive nanoparticles on the mechanical properties of dental adhesives” co-supervised by Dr. U. Lohbauer (Dental School), Dr. H. Hornberger and Prof. A. R. Boccaccini (pictured with Mr Kreppel and Dr Lohbauer) has been submitted. This is the first output of the research collaboration of our Institute with the group of Dr Lohbauer. Collaboration in teaching activities is also on-going with participation of Dr H. Hornberger.
There are plans for continuing the research collaboration between both research groups, focusing in the field of advanced bioactive composites for dental adhesives and on the application of bioactive glasses in dental tissue engineering.