Prof. Boccaccini at EUROMAT 2013, Sevilla, Spain

Prof. Boccaccini auf der EUROMAT 2013 in Sevilla

On 10-14 September, Prof. Boccaccini attended the European Congress and Exhibition on Advanced Materials and Processes (EUROMAT 2013) held in Sevilla, Spain, where he co-organised the symposium: “Bioinspired and Functional Materials for Tissue Engineering”  together with Prof. J. Mano (Univ. of Minho, Portugal) and Prof. J. Groll (Univ. of Wuerzburg, Germany). Prof. Boccaccini presented the “highlight lecture” entitled: “Evaluation of cross-linked alginate-gelatine matrices for biofabrication”, presenting recent results of our Emerging Fields Initiative project TOPbiomat. Prof. Boccaccini also presented the lecture: “Poly(3-hydroxyoctanoate), a potential material for cardiac tissue engineering” based on a collaboration with the group of Dr. Ipsita Roy (University of Westminster, UK). In the photo Prof. Boccaccini with colleagues Dr F. A. Lasagni (Center for Advanced Aerospace Technologies, Sevilla, Spain) and Prof. A. F. Lasagni (Technical University Dresden, Germany). In the other photos, Prof. Boccaccini with Prof. Joao Mano (Univ. of Minho, Portugal, co-organiser of the workshop), with Dr Nere Garmendia (Fundación Cetena-CEMITEC,  Spain), with Dr Aranzazu Díaz and Ms Lourdes Ramiro Gutierrez (Materials Science Institute of Sevilla, Spain). (Click images to enlarge)