Visit from London

Prof. Roy und Prof. Boccaccini

Dr Ipsita Roy, Head of Applied Biotechnology Research Group, Department of Molecular and Applied Biology, University of Westminster, London, UK, visited the Institute of Biomaterials on 10-11 September 2015. We have an extensive collaboration with the group of Dr Roy, which started with research on bioactive glass/P(3HB) composites while Prof. Boccaccini was at Imperial College London [1]. More recent research collaboration takes place in the framework of the EU project “Reinforced Bioresorbable Biomaterials for Therapeutic Drug Eluting Stents” (ReBioStent). Prof. Boccaccini currently co-supervises 2 PhD students based in the group of Dr. Roy, Ms Prachi Dubey and Ms Christy Thomas working on biopolymers and composites for cardiac and bone tissue engineering, respectively. (Click image to enlarge)

[1] SK Misra et al., Polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA)/inorganic phase composites for tissue engineering applications, Biomacromolecules 7 (8), 2249-2258.