Prof. Boccaccini elected scientific coordinator of the Network of Argentinean Scientists in Germany

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At the Annual General Meeting of the Network of Argentinean Scientists in Germany (RCAA), held last November at the Embassy of Argentina in Germany in Berlin, Prof. Aldo R. Boccaccini (Head, Institute of Biomaterials) was elected Scientific Coordinator of RCAA. He will represent RCAA, together with the RCAA technical coordinator, Dr. Silvia Kroyer, in all official communication with German and Argentinean research and academic institutions. Prof. Boccaccini is also member of the RCAA Scientific Advisory Board of RCCA, in which he represents the field of Engineering. RCAA is part of the program RAICES of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovative Production of Argentina and has as main goal to maintain and promote scientific interaction between Argentina and Germany. In the picture, Minister Sebastián Sayús, Dra. Silvia Kroyer and Prof. Dr. Aldo R. Boccaccini.