Visits from Italy

Prof. Boccaccini zusammen mit seinen Besuchern aus Italien. In der Mitte Prof. Leonelli und rechts Prof. Bernardo

On 26-27 July 2018 we received the visits of Prof. Cristina Leonelli, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Italy, and of Prof. Enrico Bernardo, University of Padova, Italy.

We have collaborated with Prof. Leonelli for more than 15 years, in the field of glass-ceramics and composites (for example our paper in [1]). Prof. Leonelli is also co-chair with Prof. Boccaccini of the International conference series on Geopolymers.

With Prof. Bernardo our current collaboration is in the framework of two EC (Horizon 2020) projects, namely EU ETN CoACH “Advanced glasses, Composites And Ceramics for High growth Industries European Training Network” [2] and Teaming project “Centre for Functional and Surface-functionalized Glasses (FunGlass)”.

[1] V. Cannillo, et al., Numerical models for thermal residual stresses in Al2O3 platelets/borosilicate glass matrix composites, Materials Science and Engineering A 323 (2002) 246-250.

[2] N. Toniolo, et al., Novel geopolymers incorporating red mud and waste glass cullet, Mater. Lett. 219 (2018) 152-154.