Prof. Boccaccini visited National Univ. of Technology (UTN) FR San Rafael, Argentina

Prof. Boccaccini vor dem Eingang der National University of Technology

On 22nd August 2018, Prof. Boccaccini visited research laboratories at National University of Technology (UTN) FR San Rafael, in San Rafael, Argentina, where he met research collaborators.

He visited the research group on Complex Systems (SICO) led by Prof. Dr. Fabricio O. Sanchez Varretti. Prof. Boccaccini also visited the research group led by Dr. Claudio F. Narambuena, with whom we collaborate in the field of modeling of colloidal biomaterials.

In the photos: Prof. Boccaccini with Dr. Sanchez Varretti, Dr. Claudio Narambuena, and graduate and post-graduate students (research group members).