100 Year Anniversary of the German Materials Society (DGM)

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Prof. Boccaccini attended the 100 year anniversary celebration event of the German Materials Society (DGM), held in Berlin on 27th November 2019. Prof. Boccaccini (*) said: “I have been member of DGM for more than 20 years, since the time I was a PhD student at RWTH Aachen, and the society has been a constant and important companion through my career. The event in Berlin highlighted the importance of DGM in the landscape of professional societies in Germany, and was a good opportunity to appreciate the key role of materials science / engineering underpinning almost all areas of science and technology, which was manifested by the excellent keynote lecture given by DGM president (academia), Prof. Frank Mücklich, to which our Institute contributed to the “biomaterial” topic”. (In the photos Prof. Boccaccini with Dr. Frank O. R. Fischer,  of DGM and with Prof. Andres Lasagni, TU Dresden).

(*) Prof. Boccaccini was the recipient of the “DGM Prize” in 2015 and he is currently the chair of the DGM Regional Forum Erlangen.